The Led Farmers

Physical CD - Album Title 'Lucy'

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1. March Set * 2:48

2. Drinking with the Lads 2:26

3. Dirty Old Town 4:02

4. Cheannaigh mé mo Chroí 5:39

5. As I Roved Out * 4:46

6. Haul Away Joe *** 1:55

7. Druma Beag ** 1:29

8. Paddy on the Railway ** 3:37

9. Jig Set * 3:19

10. Druma Mór * 1:24

11. High Germany * 4:37

12. Boys 0:12

13. April Set 2:38

14. The Blacksmith ** 3:47


* Arranged by: Brendan Walsh

** Arranged by: Ross O’Farrell

*** Arranged by B. Walsh and R. O’Farrell

Track 2 composed by Ross O’Farrell

Track 3: "Dirty Old Town" (MacColl).  Published by Robbins Music Corp. Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Track 4, 10, 13 composed by Brendan Walsh

All other tracks are either traditional or anonymous

Tom Keller review of the album:

In my world, there is always more room for bands that can ‘rock up’ the folk in the manner of Boiled in Lead and the Pogues. Not everyone does it to my satisfaction, but this Irish band based in Switzerland really nails it on this album. They have 5 originals along with 9 Irish and English traditionals, which have been covered by both bands I mentioned along with Steeleye Span, Pentangle, and many more. What I really like about these songs is the varied arrangements where they don’t lock into one extreme style. Some push the pace, while others are folkier. There is even an a capella song as well. Nicely done, lads.