The Led Farmers

Physical CD - Album Title 'Katie'

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Track List:

1. Share The Wealth 3:58

2. Rare Old Mountain Dew (Trad) 2:47

3. To Offer 4:26

4. The White Set (Trad) 3:41

5. Row By Row 4:29

6. Star Of the County Down (Trad) 3:11

7. The Irish Rover (Live) 3:58

8. Thomas Jefferson 5:02

9. Space 3:28

10. The Foggy Dew (Trad) 4:01

11. Raglan Road (Trad) 3:26


Radio Versions:

12. Row By Row 3:50

13. Thomas Jefferson 3:23

14. Share The Wealth 3:22


Total: 53:10


Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9 composed by Brendan Walsh

Track 4 arranged by Brendan Walsh and Ross O’Farrell

Track 6 arranged by Brendan Walsh

Tracks 11 arranged by Séamus Long


Recorded at Soundville Media Studios, Luzern, Switzerland (April 2016)

Engineered by René Zingg and Matteo Leuthold

Produced by The Led Farmers

Mixed and Mastered by Eoin Whitfield

CD Design by Billie Biggle

‘Our new album ‘Katie’ contains 50% our own music and 50% Irish folk music. This is also how we approach our shows. The group has always had fun arranging the Irish Classics and when it felt right we try something new. When it doesn’t feel right we just play the song and leave it for what it is, which is good music! Our own stuff can be described as ‘Indie Folk Rock’. It ties in well to our trad folk arrangements. It has always been hard to bring across the level of fun we have playing live on a recording but this is our best attempt yet. We’ve included a live version of ‘The Irish Rover’ (after we drank perhaps one too many pints) and our own track ‘Thomas Jefferson’ is a fun tune, god knows where it’s going at times. With some beautiful Irish ballads such as Raglan Road and The Foggy Dew coupled with our own more upbeat tracks ‘Share The Wealth’ and ‘To Offer’ the album we feel can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of people, young and old, from straight up folk fans to straight up rockers.' Brendan 'DOG' Walsh of The Led Farmers